A new beginning

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2001-01-14 23:53:00 (UTC)

I m thinking about telling..

I'm thinking about telling andrew about this and sharing it with him because i saw other people doing it! (if you are
reading this thanks for the idea) But i'm not sure. Andrew is on a ski trip right know so i can't tell him know
anyway. i met him on a mission thip like i told you. I was the youngest person going from our church. There was
only one other eight grader going and we were friends. There was too jobs we were doing there and we got put on
different jobs, so the first day the leader said we could both stay back and do the "grounds" work. At first the girls
mowed lawns and the guys dog a ditch but in the after noon Andrew was there. The nigh before we left some one
Andrew knew was joking around (even though Andrew had a girlfriend at that time) and some how andrew got my
email! We have been emailing eachother everyday! I think i'm gonna tell andrew about this so i will wait to add