Cocooned in Misery
2002-08-22 20:58:51 (UTC)

Kyur4 Th Ich

To all who read this. Im am sorry that I have not put
anything in a long time. My life has mostly go to shit.
Other than that is hardly anything good. I working with
some people who are gonna teach me how to work Electronic
Drum's so that I can add some to my set when I can. I have
2 bands at this point in time. One is going quite well. I
have been falling behind tho.. cuz of personal feelings. I
am getting back on track tho. I have been working my ass
off and have some stuff done. Even when I was sick I was
still working on new stuff.
To the personal problems.. Friends have been pissing me
off.. Most of them blame me.. for what has happend in my
personal life. Some of them act like I meant all this shit
to happen. If any of you out there hate me ... Fuck you..
cuz I dont realy care.. I got a realy bad feeling last
night.. and had a major head ache.. It was about 6:00 and a
bad feeling hit my head and almost made me faint. And then
then nexed day this "girl" who I thought was a friend gave
me a letter.... and she said this shit...

"What realy amazes me about you, is how well you put your
mask on"

Now what the fuck did that mean! I feel like EVERY FUCKING person is
out to get me! Everyone is eather Lieing to me, Fucking with my head,
Being a mean fuck, Or telling off my friends... So if anyone of you
are reading this " FUCK YOU ". And I hope your all fucking happy. Cuz
now you have pissed me off.. I have given my love to its fullest and
if that is not good enuff for you all..........

Forget it.. Im not mean. I dont do that shit to friends. Seems like
you cant trust anyone anymore...