Life as I know it.
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2001-07-16 00:52:53 (UTC)

Matt is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAH NO NOT THAT MATT!!! My roommate, he is staying here
for a few days so he kicked the girl who is subletting from
him out for a bit, which is a nice break.

Last night was superfantasfungreat........John and I got a
mass load of wine and made dinner together, then we went
out to the strip with all these people and oh i had so much
fun, I miss going to clubs with groups of my friends and
just being insane! I got trashed tho, but I came home and
talked to my roommate matt, i think we finally bonded over
wine and we were both trashed off of our asses. BUt
nonetheless I had fun...plus I looked damn good last night
i mean whoa men were checking me out, but of course i was
there with 7 other people and only one of them besides me
was female...but I got to dance with Mark to "Let's get it
on" good ole Marvin Gaye....how I love him...Marvin Gaye
that is.

Also yesterday I picked up Kristin's bday gift...no party
cause chuck was being a dork and never called me back..so I
called today for one last attempt at making this thing
work, of course I called just as Kristin got in the
door...so i had to make up some bullshit story about chuck
and why I needed to get a hold of him, but it doesnt matter
cause Kristin took the day off of work and shcool so she
will be around all day=0( I really wanted to surprise her

(just put on a little Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh
Prince..Parents Just Dont Understand).

My apartment is way beyond clean its like when I just moved
in=0) ANd my lovely roommate Matt is networking my
computer to his so i can finally get all my files from his
on to mine...woohoo!!!!

Today I went home and had a home cooked meal and finally
got my caller ID box, thank goodness...since i have been
paying for caller ID for a long time and didnt have the
box. My mom also said she wants to take me shopping before
school starts...outlet shopping.......aww yeah, that is at
least a $600 shopping trip....

I actually just went outside to grab my ciggs and lo and
behold i see Matt and his friends walking up the street,
thought he was working but you'll have that sometimes,
funny thing I dont miss him much anymore, he finally did
it, he pissed me off enough that he will go down with most
of the others in the fact that I have no urge to be with
any of them anymore. Always a good thing, I know shut up
its not healthy to hate your ex's but it makes me feel a
whole lot better. I actually looked at him and just said
to myself that he really isnt worth it, I gave him all I
could give it wasnt enough. There are men out there who
want to be with me, he doesnt, its cool...but ill never be
his friend, I just cant. Maybe one day if I ever run into
him and have to talk to him I can be civil but who knows if
that will ever happen. As far as I am concerned id be
happier just not ever having to deal with him again. Im
worth more than putting up with his shit, the past few days
I have done a lot of thinking, I think I just miss him
cause im lonely you know? Used to having someone around,
maybe ill get another pet....lol. Im actually thankful
that we wont be goign out next semester cause if he didnt
break up with me i would have with him, next semester is
going to be my most stressful semester ever...its my last
one, then im truly in the real world. And since its my
last semester in college Im going to do everything I have
ever wanted to do but have been too chicken to do. Like
this is my list:
1. I will take a supremely hot male who is totally way out
of my league home for a one night stand.
2. I will get straight A's and still party hard.
3. In October im most likely going to Hawaii with John so
ill finally be on my first real adult long vacation, not a
trip, not a weekend, but a vacation. So I must meet a man
on this vacation so i can have one of those "met him on
vacation" stories about a hopefully foreign guy.
4. Im going to kiss ass to the entire anthro dept and yes
I will even go to my anthropology club meetings for once
and who knows maybe ill get like into grad school
5 Speaking of grad school still unsure if im going to go
but im gonna take my GRE's...cause who knows i might want
to go.
6. I am going to bartending school in september, so beware
ill be allowed legally behind a bar.
7. I will be going back to my ex boyfriend before Matt and
telling him off and hopefully making him cry for all the
things he has ever put me through, thats still going to
take a lot of guts, but im sure ill do it...was thinking
about telling Pitt that while he was on break and teaching
and not writing his dissertation that he was dating a
student, very illegal by the way for him to do. Im still
bitter but that relationship was HELL....it made me swear
off men and he destroyed most of the trust I did have in
mankind so im just a lil bitter.......ok a lot.
8. I will re-earn my reputation for partying and macking
men once again.....once i turned 21 and stopped going to
parties i ruined it basically.
9. I will be more open minded if that is possible I will
be more accepting and more understanding.

and probably a million more which I am forgetting...who
knows? Also Im not sure if Im going to live with alan in
boston after all, i might move with mark and john into a
penthouse apartment in shadyside since i will finally have
a job cause i wont be in school and just think living with
them would be like a constant soap opera. I think that
could be fun.

Thats all for now, maybe more later, but im so tired.

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