Tay's thoughts
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2002-08-22 19:45:25 (UTC)

Skippin skoo

Well, today sucked in general. I almost beat up some
freshman chinese kid for saying something that even
slightly pissed me off. Stephanie saw me...hehe. I was
yellin at him and walking towards him he was all big eyed
and backin away but it was only cuz he made some comment on
my body and i am for damn sure not just gunna sit there and
let some freshman make snide remarks about ME! Anyways, i
got real bored and sleepy and just *ugh* around like 1st
period so i texted my friend Micheal to come pick me up
and tell the ppls that i had a doctors APT. lol... he's old
lookin so he passed as my dad. Plus i was feelin terrible
anyways. I went to sleep around midnight but then had to
wake up as usual for gay old marching band..at 4:45! But
now, since im home juss hangout in my pj's...with my buddy
flake here lol...i feel great ;) Anyways, i got a buttload
of homework. Somethin real weird happened today again..i
was watchin orange county, and like some johava's witness
came to my door and im like not mormon so i found it
offensive how he kept trying to get me to buy the mormon
bible after i politely told him maybe my dad would( psh
yeah right) when he got home a lil later. Well they wouldnt
go away so i had to resort to being mean again for the
second time today. I told them i was muslim and shut the
door (hard) in their face. I'm not muslim btw...but i
couldnt think of anything else to say at the moment. Ryan
wont stop bothering me. Today at lunch Racheal and I were
trying to not "make eye contact with him" and like two
minutes later he's there as usual with his pot smokin
annoying tard ass of his. lol racheal was like ok who made
eye contact? Ryan needs to like...go away. Like its
obviously he seriously smoked away all his brain cells
thinking they would reproduce again. Didn't really see andy
today :( but micheal took me by sam goody and starbucks..my
two favorite places. I baught a couple cd's and a big fat
caramel mochiato. I want to work at starbucks. I think the
aprons are sexy. I want to steal the red chilly pepper
lights for my room. My friend Sean got into trouble for
stealing the strobe light off a police car and his dad made
him take it back to the police station. I dun even wanna
know how he got that thing off. um..yeah so anyways, my
head is hurtin like no other, and i wanna go do
something...the coffey is kickin in..;)


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