Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-16 00:30:26 (UTC)

Weekend In Indianapolis

Well, i got back to the dorm today from spending a
weekend in Indianapolis. I had a great time. The wedding
was beautiful, Jan looked amazing, and my brother looked
incredibly handsome. It was nice seeing everyone, too.
Anyhoo...back to my brother.

Brian and I never really had a close (or even somewhat)
of a brother/sister relationship. I am quite close with my
other brothers, Tony and Geoff, though. Brian and I never
had too much in common, or tried to find anything in
common. I never understood why we were not as close. Brian
is just that kind of guy. He went through many stages in
his life...from hippie, to scrubby, to long hair, and to
what he has become now...a good looking, well kept man.
(now a married man). He told me earlier in the summer that
he had something he was going to send me...something he
thought that i needed for school and summer. He never got
around to sending it, which is understandable...he was
caught up in the wedding. So, at the rehersal dinner, he
gave it to me. It was addressed to me from Homer J.
Simpson. Hehe...he cracks me up. It was 3 casset tapes
filled with songs that were of some of his favorite. He
took a lot of time on it, too. He wrote me a letter, and he
wrote up some things on the songs he picked...what they
meant to him and such. In the letter he wrote me he said
that he was proud of what i was doing this summer and he
wanted to give me something. He said that he wants to think
of all this as small steps to something that should have
began a long time ago. He said he thought he owed me more.
It was so sweet, i felt like crying. Jan told me he spent a
lot of time and thought into it. After we were leaving the
dinner, i gave him a big hug. I dont ever remember hugging
brian in my entire life. Then...at the wedding...i saw him
up there on stage (it was at a theater), and i felt like
crying again. He looked so handsome. He looked so tense and
afraid...but he looked happy. As soon as Jan walked up
there and they were holding hands...i knew how happy they
were (and are going to be) by the way they looked at one
another. I never thought in a million years that MY brother
Brian would get married. But that night i hugged him a few
times...and even got a picture of just the two of us. He
thanked me so many times for coming and said how happy he
was i came. I, myself, am extremely glad i went. That whole
weekend brought my brother and i closer than we had ever
been. I have been listening to those tapes...and those
songs are so great! They make me wanna cry just becuase of
how much time and thought he put into this. This let me
know that he really does care. I love him to death. And im
glad we are becoming a little bit closer. I wish him and
Jan so much luck and love!