my life sux
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2002-08-22 19:27:24 (UTC)

Im depressed still because of busting my head open

Hello Diary,
I'm still down in the dumps and I do wish I was dead .
My life isn't worth living.
My family wishes I wasn't around I know that much.
I'm just a bother for them is all.
They here I'm having seizures and most likely think will I
ever hear anything different from her ever.
I'm depressed really bad and just don't give a flip
knowone else does so why should I?
My family thinks the worst of I know.
Only my husband loves me.
My mother hates me my sisters except for Fran could careless
about me .
Why should I care about anything that happens to me at all?
My seizures are doing terrible and I don't care anymore I'd
be better off dead!