The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-08-22 19:03:14 (UTC)

Summer babe

The drive back was grueling, ha ha. I went out for dinner
with Tom, then dropped by Ed's, so I didn't get on the road
until about 9:30. I was exhausted the whole way, and had to
keep pulling over to sleep. I didn't actually arrive in
Louisville until 7:30 AM.

Jackie had left some muffins in my room, along with
streamers and balloons and a "welcome back" sign. That was
fun. We hung out yesterday, went shopping, way fun. She
helped me spray-paint my combat boots blue. It's a nice
apartment, as well.

But on the whole? I am not a bit happy to be back in
Louisville. I'm actually surpised how unhappy I am about
the whole thing. I miss Pittsburgh, I miss Jessy, I miss
the Warhol, I miss MY GODDAMN SUMMER!

Fuckin' Louisville!

It just makes me want to graduate and get the hell out.
Anywhere, I don't care, just as long as it's a city with a
nice art museum and few hundred thousand people. This town
is so finished.

On the positive side, a Vepsa dealership DID open, just
down the street. And I DID get my Preston's job back. So,
you know.