Shared Guy Rants
2001-07-16 00:15:56 (UTC)

where to touch

Yesturday my best bud, Johnathan came down. We kicked it at
Kids'R'Us because that's where my friend, Joanna worked.
Anyway, after he left, Joanna came over when she got off
work which was at 8pm. Brett had to work at the plunge so
he didn't meet Jonathan but he was getting off work at
830pm. anyway he called me at 9. and Joanna hates Brett.
Why? I don't know. She won't tell me because I told her I
didn't want to hear trash about Brett's past. So she is
respecting my wishes. She claimed that he should know why
she hates him. But he doesn't seem to know or he's trying
to block it out and not remember it. But I don't know.
Anyway Jo and I ended up picking him up so we could hang in
my spa. They were very polite to eachother. But I'm sure
Jo was ready to kill him. BUt she was so nice! I was so
proud of her. I owe her a big favor! I offered to wash her
car but she politily declined. So I think i'm going to end
up doing her nails and toe nails. which isn't bad. anyway
so i got to see him! yeah! i hadn't seen him for 14 days or
talk to him for like 7 days. he has two jobs and school
that's why. but i'm going to see him tonight. i'm going to
his house and were going to watch the sunset (ahhhhhhhhhh)
he said that would be romantic. of course it will! i love
all that shit! all that romantic stuff that guys only do in
the movies. but he is acting like my personal casanova. he
hardely touched me. he would only do it when no one was
around. he'd put his arms around me which i absolutly
loved! i used to be the one that had to do that to blaize
but blaize would never do it back. he'd wait till i made
the move. i hate that. it's nice to be the girl in the
relationship. but i'm not sure if brett wants me to put my
arms around him. cuz i know he has the male dominance thing
about him so i need to know whats ok and whats not ok. i
should just ask him, maybe I will tonight. i dunno. he
knows how to touch me. thats what i like. but we werent
that cute together enless no ones around. whats funny is we
both tried to call eachother from work. of course we
weren't there cuz we were at work. but when he called i was
so happy. i was so talkactive. im getting used to him.
anyway i'm going to jet cuz theres not much to say on that.
except god he's got me bad. anyway cya

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