2002-08-22 18:34:03 (UTC)

She's Come Undone

i think i had a personal therapy breakthrough the other
night...i don't know because it was really hard to do and i
don't know what made me do it, but i sat down at my
computer to try and write a new story because i was bored
of the other ones, and i ended up writing about my father,
and this one time that something bad happened and i was
sobbing through the whole thing but i kept writing. it came
out like shit because it was hard enough to write the bare
facts, without adding all the extra stuff that makes
writing good. see but now i want to write about what
happened and i can't because i'm at work and i just really
don't have the energy, and i don't want to think about the
details anyway. i should let chelsea and tiffany read it, i
know they'd feel exactly the same way. i think chelsea
would get angry, and i think tiffany would get all solemn
and say something like, "he's different now."