Connilee's Life Journal
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2002-08-22 17:49:19 (UTC)


If anyone he has shown me how to love unconditionally its
Dirk. He watches me leave my house, and he waits until i
come home from work. He's so happy. He doesnt care where i
went, Hes just happy im home.

If he gets in trouble, all he wants is for me to hug him.
He is the "chill-est" dog. Well behaved. Handsome. Model

He would smell another dog on me and he wouldnt think i
cheated on him, hed think another smelly dog rubbed on me!

Everytime he see's someone, he has to run off and grab
something in his mouth to show you. Thats his signiture.

When its bedtime he'll sleep on the floor, but when i wake
up, he ends up being at the foot of the bed. He's a good
cuddler. He's amazing

I wish everyone had a dog. I wish i had two. But ill
cherish what Dirk and I have right now, until I get the
next pooch

Dirk is my man. The love of my life. Everything else is
bitter, but thinking of Dirk, makes me smile (proudly).