Marizon Hills
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2002-08-22 17:35:45 (UTC)

i want to hate

good you bleed
i thought that you were void of the thing
the sting, the permanent pain in my gun
for you
it's always the trigger you want
into--and i want to give it
i go hating and i come back in love
with something i wanted to run from
i keep on turning around and
i want to hate
no intent cleaner than defacing you
again like you have done and i still
intend never to trust you again
but then i never should have

good it did just what i thought it would do
to you, you saw it coming and everything
culminates into this fear that you
still make me take it

your syntax always alluded that
I would never be safe in your arms and
i kept on turning around and
i want to hate

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