just me
2001-07-15 23:49:41 (UTC)


ShaggMad: what's your friends name again?
ShaggMad: i can chekc now
Justmer3102: hey, didn't see you there!
Justmer3102: Caroline Johnson
ShaggMad: ok hold up a sec. i'll give it a look see
Justmer3102: k
ShaggMad: hey i know her
Justmer3102: really?
Justmer3102: how?
ShaggMad: i dunno.. i dotn really know her- but i've seen
Justmer3102: really, so I guess she goes to Osbourn? or
Justmer3102: hmm, cool.
ShaggMad: yeah osbourn park
Justmer3102: ah osbourn PARK, got it
ShaggMad: well our rival is osbourn
Justmer3102: oh so that would be bad to call you just
Justmer3102: sorry
ShaggMad: yeah but its all good
Justmer3102: good, so did you sleep well?
ShaggMad: the bed iwas in was uncomfortable... but i woke
up at like 12 and was good
Justmer3102: you suck!
Justmer3102: I had to take my grandma to church this
morning at 7 AM!
ShaggMad: that couldnt have been as good as sleeping
Justmer3102: no it couldn't, you jerk!

Justmer3102: []
Justmer3102: hey have you ever seen swing kids?
ShaggMad: nope
Justmer3102: it's crazy, but it's got that guy who played
Jack Kelly in Newsies, and he's hot!
ShaggMad: well then i guess i better see it
Justmer3102: it's about Germany and all that
Justmer3102: no my favorite movie
Justmer3102: anyways
Justmer3102: not* I meant
ShaggMad: i figured thats whatcha meant
Justmer3102: blah, I'm so board, there's nothing to do
around here that doesn't involve drinking and getting high,
I wish there was a show but I guess I'll have to wait till
tomorrow. blah, no fun
Justmer3102: hey I never asked, what kind of music are
you into?
ShaggMad: that certainly does suck.. but thats what its
like up here cuz everybody is working
Justmer3102: not many people here (at least no my
friends) work nights, there are too many shows to go to!
ShaggMad: i like the boyband stuff obviously, but i also
like r&b and most rap... but when a rap song says "i'm
gonna kill you" the whole time- it gets kinda old
Justmer3102: yeah true. Caroline told me about this band
One more time, or one "something" time that's a local band
near you, have you ever heard of them?
ShaggMad: nope
Justmer3102: she said they're good, so next time I'm up
there we're gonna go to a show with her friend who knows
ShaggMad: yeah thatd be cool
Justmer3102: yeah, it'd be nice to get out of Richmond
for a little bit
Justmer3102: so what are you up to tonight
ShaggMad: i dunno... i might go back over to brendan's
for a while but i gotta wake up early
Justmer3102: for what? it's summer
ShaggMad: i have a job.. i need to make money
Justmer3102: what do you do?
ShaggMad: i'm a lifeguard
Justmer3102: well at least you get to make money and get
a tan at the same time, huh? I work in a coffee shop so
there's not much sun bathing going on.
ShaggMad: word
Justmer3102: yeah word
ShaggMad: well i'm gonna go give brendan a call
Justmer3102: have fun, latere
Justmer3102: later**
ShaggMad: bye