2001-07-15 23:45:48 (UTC)


Monday, October 16, 2000
I gotta BIG booger.
I don’t mean a big booger; I mean a BIG booger, the
kind you only see on comedies about boogers. Seriously, I
went to Lindsay’s a few nights ago, and I was feeling
something in my nose, I didn’t know quite what. So, I went
to the bathroom to check it out (cuz, y’know, I don’t
wantsta be doin my baby and have her look up to see
something hangin out of my left nostril. God knows I got
enough stuff wrong with me besides having shit hang out of
my nose) and I went to pick it. I couldn’t even get my
finger in there!
So, secretly, don’t tell her, I got out a hairpin
and started pulling at it. After about a half-hour of
pulling hairs and watery eyes and sweating, I finally got
it. Except I think that it was part of my nose too because
now my nose is all swollen and there’s a big scab in it.
There’s my story for today.