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2001-07-15 23:39:42 (UTC)


Thursday, September 14, 2000
For my English class I am supposed to start writing
about a Media Text. What that means is some sort of media
that tries to convince someone of something, be it TV,
radio, magazines, etc.
I guess the only problem I have with that is that I
don’t understand why it is call “text.” Don’t you read
Anyway, I’ve been trying to think of something to
write about, but it only has to be about 5 pages, which
means I could do it on a four-line poem. For some reason,
when I am analyzing something, I talk for hours.
I wanted to do American Beauty, but that has so
many messages that I’m not sure I could cover them all in
only 5 pages.
I mean, it’s about beauty in all of its forms, I
would have to talk about the symbolism of the rose petals,
the reason why Lester acts the way he does, what it says
about America right now…
I suppose I could do that. I LOVE that movie and
have always wanted to write something on it, now is my
chance. I could talk about Janie’s obsession with her
outer beauty, Ricky’s obsession with trying to videotape
everything so he can remember it and relive it (although I
think that would be a paper in and of itself), Caroline’s
obsession with perfection and having others think that she
is successful, Ricky’s dad hiding of his sexuality…
everything that the movie has to say about perfection. I
think I could do that.
The movie is trying to say exactly what Lester says
at the end “…then I remember to just relax, and let [the
beauty] wash over me.” Everyone has a different idea of
what beauty is, and by the end, we learn that life is all
about finding what True Beauty is. The sad thing is, like
Lester, once you find it, you die.
I think I could probably throw something together.
I also think it’ll be more than 5 pages, which is OK.
Alright, I should get going. I have lots to do.
I’m skipping spanish class right now because I have so much
to do.