can't fight the moonlight...
2002-08-22 15:15:12 (UTC)

friends, feedback, homosexuality...just the normal rambling

brie's back from china! woohoo! i missed her bunches. i
know that i prolly wouldn't have seen her much over the
summer, but if i hang out w/ sarah or laura one more day...
gr. sarah was pissing me off last night, doing the
whole "you didn't exist before you came to avon" thing.
bitch. then some guy honked at us. whatever. four girls
walking down the st. at night?? big shock there. but sarah
and laura were *convinced* that we must have known him cuz
why else would somebody beep at four teenage girls? i'm
like, are you fucking dumb? i didn't know him, nikki didn't
know him...i dont think sarah and laura got a look at him,
but he probably couldn't really see them anyway cuz they
were on the inside. oh well.
its been a pretty good morning. i got *awesome* feedback
for one of my fics, and that always makes me happy. it was
my attempt at slash, so it was cool.
me and sarah were talking when we were camping, and she
sorta echoed my thoughts on being gay etc. both of us
believe that the labels are pointless. you are attracted to
who you are attracted too, and if they're male or female
what difference should it make? i'm "straight" but if i
were attracted to a female then why the hell not? what
difference does it make? wait, i think i just said that.
sardou was happy w. some advice that i gave him, which
makes me glad cuz i know hes kinda unhappy and if i can
help him at all than its awesome, because i love him to
pieces and hate that hes had to go through so much shit in
his life.
sometimes i wish i were in love w/ him, rather than just
loving him as a friend. i'm sure hes over me now, but when
we were dating and stuff...i dunno, i wasn't, i'm not, life
moves on!