Amy Kam

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2002-08-22 15:10:36 (UTC)

Diana's B-day

Diana, happy sweet eighteen!!! Oh my god, as Diana grows
older, I am even OLDER!!! But I realize that every person
should enjoy their lives at their different stages.
Recently, I am living happily...I think the major reason is
that I finally walk out the door of torture, I think this
is absolutely amazing for me to be able to do this.

Yesterday was great. I feel comfortable to hang out with
Diana's friends. They make me feel YOUNGER, hahaha. One
thing I have to tell you guys...You guys are GREAT..I am
very impressed and proud of you guys. Honestly, I can
forsee you guys each with a very good future...pretty and
talented!!!!! Seriously, I especially impressed that most
of you guys being accepted by university despite numerous
hang outs you have had almost everyday!!! Isn't this really
amazing?!! haha... why am i talking about all these suck
up shit now???

Tonight, we will again celebrate Diana's b-day at our
place...hope all of you can join us.

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