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2002-08-22 14:29:52 (UTC)

This is Planet Perth

Welcome to planet Perth,
I'm so glad that I'm free of melbourne and all the nasty
people there. Life is going so well but I can't stop
thinking about Laura. She is on my mind all the time, as if
it were a curse on me. Will I ever be free of this pain.
I really loved her so much and to have things turn out the
way they have, I just don't understand why sometimes.

I can see I probably brought it on myself but I can't
believe she would do this to me after all that we have
shared together. It will make it so much harder to trust
the next person I love, if there is another.

But there was, Sharon, by now she is probably in a really
good realationship with someone in South Korea. My mind has
been playing tricks on me, I guess it must be the drinking
that is affecting the all most unreal optimism that I had
when I first arrived here. I hope that I at least get the
chance to contact her. I'm not sure what I will say if I
do, part of me wants to be with her but part won't go
throught the pain of trusting someone again.

Laura changed so quickly in almost a unreal and truely evil
way. Yet the part of me that I believed lost to the world
is striving to break out of me and be of use. I can see it
is pushing me towards something, what I'm still unsure off.

This Weekend will be of intrest, I feel something is going
to happen, how it affects me I'm unsure. But what Iam sure
of is Iam changing, slowly but surely through patern
through habit I will change and become stronger faster
happier more in love more able to love and a more human
than human.

Wish me luck.

Invader Zeb