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2001-07-15 23:36:07 (UTC)


Wednesday, August 30, 2000
Can you believe this shit? I’m getting paid to
write this already (although I’m sure with all of my keen
insight that I will get paid for this eventually). OK, not
really. But I am getting more in scholarships than it
costs to go to MSU and I am getting credit for this now, so
I guess that means I am able to get paid for writing this.
And I can write about anything. Yes, I asked her
to repeat it. I can write about how I have a fungus on my
nuts, I can write about how I think it spread to my butt
hole, I can even write about how I think I’d make one
helluva lesbian (cuz I would, you know). This is gonna be
so cool.
OK, before Lindsay gets here, back to the
meaningful issues at hand: Can one person be better than
another person? I’m no asking whether one person can be
better than another person in a certain field (I, for one,
am a better runner than most other people. However, almost
everyone is better than me at sexing). I am asking whether
someone’s life is worth more than someone else’s. If you
were Death, and God told you to pick one person to die from
a selection of three? On what would you base your
criteria? That’s the big question of the day.
Is it how much you contribute to the economy, to
your country, to your race, to your family? Is it how much
you love another? Is it how much you praise God? Could be
how much someone else less fortunate needs you? How would
you determine those criteria?
I think I’ll leave this one alone for now. This is
way too big of a question for me to tackle on my own in the
slim 15 minutes I have left before my baby gets here.