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2002-08-22 14:08:53 (UTC)


This morning John and I went out early to do the shopping.
He had some errands to do too. We went to Hentze's to get
produce and to Safeway for everything else.
I made haircut appointments for the boys for Friday
afternoon. Gavin is going to a friend's wedding on Saturday
and Hugh is registering for school on Monday. School starts
September 3rd for Hugh but not until September 25th for
Gavin and Owen.
I've been reading a book a day the past few days. I started
Tom Clancy's Red Rabbit but got bogged down and handed it
back to John. We were going to go to the library tomorrow
because Gavin has to take a math test as part of the job
application process at Hewlett Packard but he's decided to
take it next Tuesday again so tomorrow's trip to the library
is off.

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