just me
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2001-07-15 23:22:42 (UTC)


Subj: Re: what the hell
Date: 7/14/01 3:18:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ShaggMad
To: Justmer3102

hey, whats going on? well i'm sorry i wasnt online to talk.
i went out with my friends andrew and nate, then nate and
his sister wanted me to go see "the score" with them at
freakin 12:30, so this is the first time i got to go online
all night and its 3:20. i need to get some sleep or i'm
gonna be grumpy. alright well you better come online again
some more cuz i wanna keep talkin' with you, ok? k i'll
talk to you later. bye bye

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