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2001-07-15 23:21:20 (UTC)

July 14

Justmer3102: are youtalking about Hannibal ?
ShaggMad: i'm talking about exrocist
ShaggMad: they dont show anything in hannibal
Justmer3102: oh, yeah I got ya

Justmer3102: sorry bout that
ShaggMad: its all good
Justmer3102: I get a little mixed up sometimes! lol
ShaggMad: i know the feeling
Justmer3102: I was disappointed with silence of thelambs,
they didn't show ANYTHING! Hopefully Hannibal is better
ShaggMad: oh- well hannibal is only good at the end
ShaggMad: but i'm not a horror kind of guy... onlywhen i'm
really in the mood for it- funny movies are always good
Justmer3102: really, damn . I'm still gonna see it.
ShaggMad: yeah its ok
Justmer3102: I'm all about horror movies, my brother
usedto force me to watch them and I learned to like them.
but I love almost allmovies.
ShaggMad: i like movies that go back and explainstuff...
like snake eyes, and clue,
ShaggMad: and the best movie ever is usual suspects
Justmer3102: clue is one of my all time fav movies!
Justmer3102: I've never seen usual suspects
ShaggMad: oh man... usual suspects has the best endingint
he world
Justmer3102: I'll have to rent that soon
ShaggMad: yeah you do
Justmer3102: ok yes master
Justmer3102: []
ShaggMad: hey, i'm just trying to give you apleasurable
evening by suggesting a good movie to watch
Justmer3102: k
Justmer3102: []
Justmer3102: have you seen charlie's angels?
ShaggMad: yeah i have
Justmer3102: what did you think?
ShaggMad: well since i'm a guy i liked it... but itwas
kinda dumb
ShaggMad: but i still liked it
Justmer3102: since you're a guy? you mean it turned youon
Justmer3102: dumb? how?
Justmer3102: so?
ShaggMad: oh you didnt get the last thing i said?
Justmer3102: naw, I got kicked off
ShaggMad: oh ok
ShaggMad: i said that i didnt really think it wasdumb, but
the guys i watched it with talked about it being dumb and i
guesspeer pressure made me think that way
Justmer3102: tisk tisk, you should form your ownopinions,
fuck what other people think
ShaggMad: tru dat
ShaggMad: i liked it
Justmer3102: very cool. i rented it
ShaggMad: whats your favorite musical?
Justmer3102: fav? well I have to say "little shop
ofhorrors" its the all time best!
ShaggMad: ....areyou serious?
Justmer3102: yeah why, don't tell me you don't like it,
imight not be able to talk to you anymore
ShaggMad: that is the best musical ever made
Justmer3102: damn, thank god you're normal!
ShaggMad: its so great
Justmer3102: hell yeah, I watch that all the time,
I'mtrying to get my high school to perform it next year
ShaggMad: me too
ShaggMad: its technically hard though, with the bigpuppet
and stuff... but lots of schools did it this year
Justmer3102: it would so rock, I don't know what part
I'dhave though
Justmer3102: really, that's cool, none down here did it
ShaggMad: you didnt tell me what parts you got in allthe
other musicals
Justmer3102: Into the Woods- Little Red Riding Hood,Chicago-
extra, A Chorus Line- extra. Guys and Dolls- Adaline (yeah
I can'tspell). West Side Story- Anita
ShaggMad: anita was a great part
ShaggMad: and so is lrr
Justmer3102: yeah Anita was one of my favs, I had so
muchfun playing LRR, very cool lines
Justmer3102: I loved singing America
ShaggMad: its a great song... thast such a good musical..
we wanna do that next year but there aren't that many good
dancers at our school
Justmer3102: ahh that sucks, we just lost a lot of good
actors in my school, it leaves us with a LOT of girls but
not alot of guys who act well
ShaggMad: we have a lot of both, but we pick musicalsfor
just guys... so we do stuff like "my fair lady" which has 1
girlpart, and "south pacific" which has 1 girl part
ShaggMad: so the girls at our school were pissed
Justmer3102: yeah I'd kick some ass if they did that at my
Justmer3102: what was your fav muscial to do? and fav
ShaggMad: well prof. harold hill in music man is a pretty
sweet part- and thats what we're probably gonna do next
year.... but I really wanna do seymour from little shop
Justmer3102: no sweetie! what I meant was which one
thatyou've already done
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: :-D
ShaggMad: ohh
ShaggMad: i'm so dumb haha
Justmer3102: no so dumb, just dumb
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: well i sweated south pacific cuz i was the main
character and i got the girl in the end... but i liked
freddy's song much better, cuz i got a higher voice and
emile de beque is a bass
Justmer3102: so you're a tenor?
ShaggMad: yeah
Justmer3102: I loved freddy, he should have gotten
thegirl, that movie didn't make sense at the end
ShaggMad: it really didnt, and that kinda upset me..but
thats ok
Justmer3102: I wouldn't have gone with the old guy, damn
Justmer3102: ah well, what was your other play?
Justmer3102: musical I mean
ShaggMad: i hated that musical butwe
went "off broadway" with it so i'm glad about that
Justmer3102: why did you hate it?
Justmer3102: that's awesome, you got to go to new york!
wow, you suck!lol
ShaggMad: i hated it cuz we practiced it for thelongest
time.. from like september until january.. then we went to
NY infebruary.. i just got sick of it.. we practiced every
day. some days were from 2-10.
ShaggMad: and every day we got a new script cuz it
hadnever been done before and we were workshopping it
Justmer3102: shit man, why?
Justmer3102: well at least that gets you ready for
whatit's gonna be like after high schol
ShaggMad: yeah that helped but the writer was a dickwhich
just made things worse
Justmer3102: school*
Justmer3102: what about the cast, did you like them?
ShaggMad: he thought he knew everything aboutteenagers and
he told us all these ways to do our part, but it was wrong-
itwasnt the way teenagers did things... so we had to fix
him and rewrite the whole thing a million times
Justmer3102: lol!
ShaggMad: i loved the cast cuz it was all my
bestfriends... except it was really small... there were
only like 15 of us. and insouth pacific we had 50
Justmer3102: well that's good, I like small casts
ShaggMad: ok- enough musical stuff... what do you liketo
do besides that?
Justmer3102: mainly sports, and I'm trying to get booked at
a couple coffee shops so I'll get discovered soon!
ShaggMad: booked for what?
Justmer3102: singing
ShaggMad: oh ok
ShaggMad: yeah i just wrote a song the other
night...actually the first night i talked to you
ShaggMad: the morning after actually cuz i went rightto
Justmer3102: :-) it's what I wanna do with my life,
reallyabout what?
ShaggMad: yeah thats what i wanna do too... just entertain
but espeically through music... its about one of my
friends. we have this thing where she says "mikey you're my
favorite mikey" and i say "sara you're my only sara" so i
wrote a song called "my only"
Justmer3102: aww that's cute!
Justmer3102: I want someone to write a song about me!
Justmer3102: :-D
ShaggMad: sometimes if i'm in the right mood i can popout
2 songs in 1 night
ShaggMad: other times it takes a while... and thinkingof
tunes for songs is the hardest part
ShaggMad: i've written 4 songs in the past year that were
any good... 2 of them have a tune for the whole thing, 1
has a melody forthe chorus, and 1 only has words
Justmer3102: yeah I write poetry all the time but makingup
the tunes is way hard for me, probably because I can't play
many instrumentsright now.
Justmer3102: wow
ShaggMad: and i come up with tunes at the worst time..i'll
be somewhere and i'lll think of it, and i wont have
anything to taperecord it, or i wont find a phone so i can
call myself and leave a message, andi wont be near any
ShaggMad: so i end up forgetting it
Justmer3102: that sucks I'm sorry! I always have my cell
with me so if I think of lyrics I call myself and leave a
ShaggMad: well i keep my cellphone in my car cuz i dont
use it to call people all the time, or for people to call
Justmer3102: well my parents are psycho so they make me
keep my phone with me in case they want to call me, it's
annoying but there's nothing I can do about it
ShaggMad: my parents just want me to tell them where i'm
going if i'm gonna be coming home too late or something
Justmer3102: I wish my parents were like that
Justmer3102: it'd be nice
ShaggMad: its pretty nice... but they are such dorks when
i have friends over
ShaggMad: but its ok i don't mind too much
Justmer3102: what do you mean
ShaggMad: if i have friends over watching a movie,they'll
come in and talk and jokingly make fun of me, or they'll
break out thescrap books of me when i was a baby
Justmer3102: aww I wanna see!
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: all the bath pictures
Justmer3102: oh yes, the famous naked bath pics!
ShaggMad: we actually watched my first bath on my 16th b-
Justmer3102: LMAO! wtf?!!!!
ShaggMad: just me and the family
ShaggMad: thank god
Justmer3102: oh, ok. but still
ShaggMad: yeah.. it was embarrising
Justmer3102: I would think so
Justmer3102: anyways, did you see Cal tonight?
ShaggMad: oh well
ShaggMad: no i went out with my boys
Justmer3102: you missed the game, damn
ShaggMad: i know
Justmer3102: well did you have fun with "your boys"
ShaggMad: we went out to fridays... and then we were gonna
vandalize some mailboxes of people we dont like, but that
required a lot of physical movement and we were far too
lazy for that
ShaggMad: so we went to my friend brendan's house...where
we are now
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: oh, sorry am I keeping you from yourfriends?
ShaggMad: no they're asleep
Justmer3102: and they don't mind that your on here?
ShaggMad: they dont know
Justmer3102: that's not too cool
Justmer3102: shouldn't you ask?
ShaggMad: they dont care that i'm online.. we go online at
eachother's house all the time
Justmer3102: ahh, ok then
ShaggMad: yeah its all good
Justmer3102: how was the movie last night?
ShaggMad: good
Justmer3102: what was it again?
ShaggMad: the score
Justmer3102: what's that? I've never heard of it
ShaggMad: its about these theives and they are trying to
steal this really expensive thing worth like 30 million
dollars, and its like impossible to steal
ShaggMad: but they are really good
Justmer3102: hmm interesting
ShaggMad: yeah it was good.. it had a good ending
ShaggMad: i'm all about good endings
Justmer3102: cool shit, yeah I hate good movies with sucky
Justmer3102: it ruins the movie
ShaggMad: word
Justmer3102: yeah word
Justmer3102: I can't believe you missed the game
Justmer3102: Cal hit two homers
ShaggMad: i never really watched baseball... i only played
ShaggMad: thats pretty impressive though
Justmer3102: I don't think Steve Reed would give up the
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: I'm just messing wit you
ShaggMad: har har funny
ShaggMad: so what up? what did you do today?
Justmer3102: I was actually near you, me and my cousin
went into DC
ShaggMad: thats cool
ShaggMad: you should have come to my house
Justmer3102: yeah it was fun, #1 I don't know where
youlive, #2 I don't know YOU that well
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: but I did stop by my friends house, she lives
in Manassas, that's where you said you lived right?
ShaggMad: yeh
ShaggMad: whats your friends house?
Justmer3102: my friend Caroline, I meant to ask her about
you but I kinda forgot
Justmer3102: sorry :-)
ShaggMad: its all good
Justmer3102: have you ever heard of Caroline Johnson?
ShaggMad: how old is she?
Justmer3102: 17
Justmer3102: she's gonna be a senior next year
ShaggMad: what school?
Justmer3102: I just realized that I've never asked her
what school she goes to!
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: thats insane
Justmer3102: well we met through at a youth retreat and
just kept contact and it just never came up
Justmer3102: does your school have yearbooks?
ShaggMad: thats cool
ShaggMad: yeah
Justmer3102: well, you could check it for her and ifshe's
not there then we know she doesn't go to your school .
Justmer3102: that would be one down and how many to go?
Justmer3102: lol
ShaggMad: that name doesnt sound farmiliar at all
Justmer3102: well how big is your school?
Justmer3102: you can't know EVERYONE right?
ShaggMad: everyone in my grade
Justmer3102: well you could check the yearbook, but it's
up to you
ShaggMad: well i dont know where brendan's yearbook is
Justmer3102: ah well
Justmer3102: I guess we'll never know
ShaggMad: i'll check tomorrow when he wakes his lazyass up
Justmer3102: lol, ok
ShaggMad: so are you one of those big time churchpeople?
Justmer3102: naw, but the retreat was free and they had
aconcert and all that so it was fun
ShaggMad: well thats good about the free concert
Justmer3102: I used to be in youth group but I have like
no time anymore
Justmer3102: yeah I'm all about music so free concertsare
always good stuff, plus my youth group was good people
ShaggMad: thats tight
Justmer3102: are you not into church?
ShaggMad: i just wasnt brought up like that.. we neverwent
to church when i was little- so its weird when i go to
church now cuz i dont know what i'm doing...
Justmer3102: what religion?
ShaggMad: catholic
Justmer3102: yeah I can see what you mean, I'm catholic
too and it can get confusing for my friends that I bring to
church with me
ShaggMad: i got dumped by a girl cuz she said i "wasnt
christian enough"
ShaggMad: then she went out with one of my bestfriends who
is worse than i am
Justmer3102: what? that's well interesting
ShaggMad: yeah... but if she's gonna lie to me- then idont
want her
Justmer3102: yeah, true.
Justmer3102: is she still with your friend?
ShaggMad: well at first they said nothing was happening..
so they were both lying to everybody, then a little while
ago they said its all over
Justmer3102: did she dump him 'cause he wasn't christian
enough too?
ShaggMad: no i think it was cuz everybody started hating
them- cuz they both were total dicks to me
ShaggMad: but oh well
Justmer3102: is he still your friend?
ShaggMad: i havent talked to him since school letout...
i'm not trying to ignore him but we've just never hung
out.. and she came by today with sara to say hi to me, but
i didnt really talk to her
Justmer3102: yeek, was it weird?
ShaggMad: yeah big time... i just sat next to sara and we
watched TV
Justmer3102: damn, that couldn't have been too much
this sara chick like your best girl friend?
ShaggMad: yeah... she is a year ahead of me and shejust
graduated- she's dating my friend jeff, but everybody knows
that if theywerent dating that sara and i would probably
end up getting married
Justmer3102: then what's with this jeff guy?
ShaggMad: they've been together for like 2 years, andthey
are going to the same college together.. they're the
perfect couple
Justmer3102: ah, so it's all good then.
ShaggMad: yeah its all gravy baby
Justmer3102: :-)
Justmer3102: do you have a chica?
ShaggMad: nah.. the girls at my school are either bitches,
or my best friends
Justmer3102: wow, to one extream or the other
ShaggMad: yeah
Justmer3102: so if my friend does go to your school and you
don't know her that means she isn't your best friend so
she's a bitch, hmmm
ShaggMad: does osbourn park sound farmiliar?
Justmer3102: maybe, I'll ask her next time I talk to her.
Justmer3102: she might have said her school name like ONCE
in the whole time that I've known her
ShaggMad: how long have you known her again?
Justmer3102: about 4 years
Justmer3102: ello?
ShaggMad: hello
Justmer3102: yeah so?
ShaggMad: thats a lot of time to NOT mention a school name
Justmer3102: well, think about it. when would it come up?
it's not like I know anyone else who goes there, just her.
I met her before shewent to high school so I think I know
her middle school if that would help
Justmer3102: hang on
ShaggMad: i know i'm just playin'
Justmer3102: ight, but I'll brb k
ShaggMad: k
Justmer3102: ok, she went to Marsteller Middle School,does
that sound familiar?

that's when he got kicked off. . .