my diary of me
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2001-07-15 23:00:02 (UTC)

Sunshine behind the rain!

So far this has been pretty much an amazing summer, done
so much and seen so many people! AND even enjoy the one
thing i'd always detested...going out and getting very
drunk with friends! WEIRDLY tho its not my usual best
mates...its the ones i've always been gdish friends with
who have now become my best friends over the course of the
past month (Weird eh!) My usual friends claim 2 have no
money whatsoever, camping or even doing something cheap
like hanging out on the beach or in the park wasnt even an
option, BUT am having a great time with the others so dont
particularly care! Yes i can still claim 2 be over the ex,
the only thing i do miss is his friendship, he was always
my bestest friend BUT will prolly start emailing him say in
October, when all hatred and feelings have boiled over in
the hope that we cud b friends again (that wud b nice!)
Weird tho how people always went on about how much they
liked him, and now suddenly change their minds, confident
all of a sudden that its safe to air their true feelings.
Some friends have decided tho that he was a really nice
bloke when they cudnt stand him at first...oooooooook! The
current bf however has turned out 2 be a nightmare,
obsessive, posessive, and apparently loves
me...ALREADY?!...and now he wonders why i'm avoiding him?!
GAWD he hardly knows me! BUT momentously i am over "him"
(HOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!) He was out last wk and we had a loong
chat, realised how much we've both turned into very
different people from how we were a yr ago....very
different infact!I think he was surprised i'm not the same
old moody person that i used to be, but i think still
tagged on2 my old trick of flirting with others to annoy
certain people (MOI!?) I never thought it cud happen...but
i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my brain,
makes me feel so much happier and lighter, its taken 13
months but i've finally done it! HOOOORAAAAYYY!!!! 1 of his
best mates (who i've never really looked twice at before)
did look exceedingly yummy tho, hmmmmmm....

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