my mixed up world
2001-07-15 22:54:28 (UTC)


Hey everyone, well like nobody 'cause I doubt anyone reads
this but whatever. Anyways, I haven't written in here
lately because well, just because, my cousin Leif is here
from Florida, I think he's gonna be here all summer which
is cool. He's really cool, chill, and everything. On Friday
we went to DC which was really fun, we were a little lost
for a while 'cause we didn't have a map or anything but
that didn't last long, Leif has a very interesting take on
finding your way around a city. Just go right, then right,
then left, then left and repeat. Weird I know but it got us
to The Mall, near the White House. We ate lunch at this
little french restaurant, that was owned by italians go
figure, and as we were finishing our meal this little
italian guy came by and started talking to us, asking Leif
where he was from and then he started talking about
surfing, anyway it turned out that the little italian guy
owned the restaurant and he had our waitress bring us free
desert, now I don't normally like deserts but I don't know,
this shit was wonderful. Anyways I don't have much else to write in
here right now, I'll write more later. love ya all. I'm out.