2001-07-15 22:47:51 (UTC)

this should have been my first entry

ok... i should have started my diary with an entry about
myself, like a normal person.:) so here goes:
i was born on june 21, 1987 in trenton, new jersey.
i've lived in l*ville nj my whole life. i'm super short,
5'1'', and i have blonde hair and blue eyes. the best music
in the world is PUNK!! (and pop-punk, emo, ska, rock, metal)
music is a huge part of my life. my favorite bands are new
found glory and lifehouse (i knew about them both nine
months ago, so ha!) i also love saves the day, ultimate
fakebook, goo goo dolls, staind, good charlotte, matthew
goodband, and anything else underground punk and kinda
mainstream rock. my life has been pretty good... except last
year and the year before i got really really popular (me and
my two best friends.) we were close to all the older cool
people so everyone in my grade loved me. or hated me. people
wanted to be me and kel and melis and it was great at first.
then all the older people turned on me and tried to make my
life a hell... and it worked. i got pretty depressed, my
best friends and i split. last year i was in love with
one of my best guy friends. i never told him all nine
months of school because i was afraid it would mess
things up between us. it hurt so bad. and i was left here
with nothing to really live for. then i realized i still had
a best friend and always would. larissa is my true best
friend. i don't have as much fun with anyone else. we laugh
about everything!!! i love her to death, and i very well
might not have been here if it wasn't for her. and right now
my life couldn't be better... except for the whole thing
with jared. but that is all right, i'll talk to him about it
at our next sleepover on saturday and fill you in. all