Cute Chaos

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2002-08-22 07:59:09 (UTC)

Cleaning Spree

I was supposed to this morning with Wally to see Blue
Crush. I was a little late again and we did not go. I take
forever to get around. That would have been two movies in
one day. That is ok!

I went over to Rusty's because we were supposed to go
Bowling and to the movies today. That ended up being pushed
to tomorrow. I played a little bit of Perfect Dark with
everyone and went back or to Wally's. We played some Halo.
I am getting better, but I still need a little bit of work.

I really did not do much today. I sat around the house.
Mostly played on the computer. I was really tired all day.
Nick called like 3 times again today. He keeps talking
about coming out here. I don't mind I think it would be a
lot of fun to talk with him but he can never get around to
making plans with me. Almost all summer he has been talking
about it, but never happened. Oh well. Then at like
midnight I decided that I should cleanup my room and my
bathroom. It was crazy, I did wash and everything. I even
mopped the floors, vacuumed and cleaned my sheets. I clean
so much better late at night then during the day. Maybe it
is because I know that I could be doing something better
during the day like being outside with my friends. I got it
all done and now everything smells great. If someone messes
up my bathroom I am going to be so pissed off. I hate that
my brothers make a big mess out of it, then I get yelled at
to clean it up. I ate like 3 Mac'n'cheeze freezer things...
I was hungry. My dad yelled at me again because I was
eating so late and because I need to switch my schedule
around for school. WHATEVER ALREADY! I'll get to it!