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2002-08-22 06:23:31 (UTC)

hella good convo! (send feedback)

this is like the funniest most off the subject convo i ever
been involved with maybe not to you but i thought it was
damn funny prolly just because who its involved WITH! just
read it and see!

ThomSmi3: sup sammy
Sk8erChick2004: n2m tommy
ThomSmi3: busy
Sk8erChick2004: nope
ThomSmi3: so did you have fun today
Sk8erChick2004: yea but it wasnt great
Sk8erChick2004: didnt get to go anywhere and still havent
talked to muh hunny
ThomSmi3: hes not online yet
Sk8erChick2004: nope
Sk8erChick2004: we havent talked all day
ThomSmi3: call him
Sk8erChick2004: nah... if he dont wanna talk to me im not
ganna force him
ThomSmi3: i see
ThomSmi3: said the blind man
Sk8erChick2004: lol
ThomSmi3: whatcha been doing today
Sk8erChick2004: nutiin
ThomSmi3: damn sure you had some fun sam....
ThomSmi3: hello
ThomSmi3: you there
ThomSmi3: ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzZZZ......SNORE, SNORE,
ThomSmi3: i only speak one language
ThomSmi3: okkk sam ill leave you alone
Sk8erChick2004: oh im sry i was checking my food
ThomSmi3: yea yea yea
Sk8erChick2004: yea i didnt want it to burn
ThomSmi3: what we eating
Sk8erChick2004: pizza
Sk8erChick2004: pepperoni
ThomSmi3: sweet
ThomSmi3: i got half right
Sk8erChick2004: lol
ThomSmi3: man thats not right
Sk8erChick2004: what
ThomSmi3: dont you think i want some pizza
ThomSmi3: i know buy me some
Sk8erChick2004: lol do you? ill send you sum in the mail
ThomSmi3: sweet
ThomSmi3: do youknow what im having for dinner
Sk8erChick2004: what?
ThomSmi3: spaghetti i make a mean spaghetti
Sk8erChick2004: lol
ThomSmi3: im a cookin mofo
Sk8erChick2004: lol
ThomSmi3: get your pizza
Sk8erChick2004: not done
ThomSmi3: keep your pizza
ThomSmi3: sry
Sk8erChick2004: ok's lol
ThomSmi3: forget about!!!
ThomSmi3: in jersy accent
Sk8erChick2004: fo-getta-bout-it
ThomSmi3: there you go were on the same page now
Sk8erChick2004: lol
ThomSmi3: so say something
ThomSmi3: talk i mean type
Sk8erChick2004: lol okays ummm... im still pretty pissed
ryan didnt get online or try to call
Sk8erChick2004: but u dont care
Sk8erChick2004: guys dont like when gurls talk about
other guys
Sk8erChick2004: or so i was told last night
ThomSmi3: who said that
Sk8erChick2004: so alls i can say is "fo-getta-bout-it"
Sk8erChick2004: mike said it
ThomSmi3: lol
Sk8erChick2004: b/c ryan said all this sweet stuff to me
then i told mike and mike was like i dont care guys dont
like when gurls talk about tother guys to them so stop
Sk8erChick2004: other*
ThomSmi3: well it doesnt bother me
ThomSmi3: but talk about something elsa
Sk8erChick2004: lol like what
ThomSmi3: lol
ThomSmi3: whats interesting to you
ThomSmi3: what was something you seen for the first time
Sk8erChick2004: ummm nothing new but i seen the preview 4
[email protected] again (cant wait to see it)
ThomSmi3: what is that
Sk8erChick2004: a new movie
ThomSmi3: whats it about a swim fan
ThomSmi3: lol
ThomSmi3: sry that was stupid
ThomSmi3: of me
Sk8erChick2004: no an obsessed girl who stalks her b/f
like 24/7 and it has a lot to do with the internet and
Sk8erChick2004: so i think it would be funny
Sk8erChick2004: b/c i get online a lot and talk to ppls
ThomSmi3: so you a stalker sam
Auto response from Sk8erChick2004: hey ill be back...
=^o.o^= MeOw....

ThomSmi3: ok
Sk8erChick2004: yea ima stalker!!!! lol
Sk8erChick2004: im stalking ryan!
ThomSmi3: lol
Sk8erChick2004: actually he is pissing me off
ThomSmi3: aaawwww.
ThomSmi3: you miss him
Sk8erChick2004: i should write him 10 thousand emails and
call him 10 million times
ThomSmi3: i would
Sk8erChick2004: thats what the movies about lol
ThomSmi3: stalkers like yourself would
ThomSmi3: lol
Sk8erChick2004: ok i wrote him 2 already *very long ones
Sk8erChick2004: how many more
Sk8erChick2004: ?
ThomSmi3: atless.....
Auto response from Sk8erChick2004: hey ill be back...
=^o.o^= MeOw....

ThomSmi3: ok