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2001-07-15 22:24:14 (UTC)


Tuesday, March 14, 2000
Today was our first kiss. It was pretty cool (I
know you’re probably feeling a little awkward talking about
this, but we can’t be friends if we can’t share). She was
playing with my ear, which, as you know, makes me very
amorous. Well, as you also know, it makes me very
relaxed. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep over the last
week or two, and there was no noise in the house; all I
could hear was the aquarium. I only sleep when it rains
(which is why No Rain by Blind Melon would be on a
soundtrack about my life) and all I could hear was that
damn running water in the aquarium.
Rain, playing with my ear; I was out. She says I
was only sleep for about a minute, but I thought it was a
really long time, like a few hours. I woke up really
abruptly because I thought I fell asleep on her and she
left, but when I woke up, she was sitting there, which I
didn’t expect. And for some reason, my first impulse was
to give her a big hug and kiss, which I did.
That woke me up.
I won’t tell you what else we did because I am a
gentleman and I never told anyone about you and me, so why
would I tell you about me and her?
Anyway, we’re going out Friday.
It’s weird, I’ve never fallen asleep with ANYONE
that easily, and I’ve slept with a few girls in my time
(not had sex, literally “sleep with a few girls”). Maybe
cuz I had no sleep for a solid week.
I like to think it’s because I’m really comfortable
around her.
I gotta go though. It’s late. She just left and
it’s almost one.

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