2001-07-15 22:21:45 (UTC)


Sunday, February 27, 2000
Don’t be surprised if I don’t write a lot. I’ve
been sitting in front of one of these damn things for a
LONG time (I had a paper due and I’ve been doing it except
it’s 2 pages too long and now I have to cut it down and oh
poor me).
OK, well I have to call Lindsey, so I will talk to you
Tee-hee. I think Lindsey likes me, but I’ll have
to talk to you later. It’s getting kinda late and she
doesn’t talk on the phone once Fox Sunday Night starts (me
neither. We have a lot in common, but again, I don’t want
to jinx it by writing it down, because that makes it true)

OK, I just got done talking to her. For two and a half
hours. She is so cool. She’s got some weird little
things, nothing I can’t iron out with my fist when I beat
her when she gets out of line.
You know how it is, you gotta let them womenfolk
know who’s boss. Then you can eat a pickled pig’s foot and
go to bed, just like daddy.
I really gotta get studying. I’ll talk to you