No One
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2002-08-22 05:50:49 (UTC)

Things Are bad.....

I dont understand what is going on. All the sudden it seems
like everyone is mad at me. I ask..they say no but continue
to not talk and be very short when they do. What did I do
people?? I dont know whats going on. O well I guess if i
dont know why they are mad i cant do anything. But it makes
me feel bad when theese things happen. Still havent gotten
much homework done...Have to finish reading the
Odyssey..dont know when ill have time for that. Livia and
Caroline are spending the night on Friday..wahoo! that
should be cool. my back is KILLING me. Livia told me that
she saw Alec today..hes really cute. I have liked him since
8th grade. She also said he is looking for a g/f. Too bad
thats not me. LOl. O well. I wish i was back at the Pledge
Of Allegiance Tour..god that was fun. I got out so much
agression there. I guess I will have to find other ways. I
have been checking out some college websites. I will
hopefully be gong to the Art Institute of London. Or some
University In England or Europe somewhere. Caroline is
going to go with me. I just want some other cultural
expierience.Sure the US is great but everything is all the
same. I want to learn about other countries. My mom doesnt
like the idea much but o well im paying for it so i guess
thats for me to decide. I called David the other night to
tell him about band practice today...hes real nice and all
but he never has much to say. I dont know...maybe im not a
good person or something..people dont like me but dont want
to tell me because they are nice. Maybe this is payback for
being such a bitch for all those years. I guess i deserve
it.I just wish i understood it. Maybe i will be a writer..I
dont know yet. i know i am going to be a piercer i start
that apprenticeship in a few months. And a tatto artist
thats why im taking so many art and art history classes.
Well anyways im bored out of my mind and my Cd is skippin
so ill be back later or tomorrow..depends on if people
start talking to me again..or who knows yelling maybe.

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