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2002-08-22 02:48:24 (UTC)

tired of release - I will help my truly friends

Well it was Wednesday in Office. And people lies I am not
good to work. I help them for free to make some draws in
micro and they said it. They do not understand about micro
and says those things. Well I am doing some work but it is
over. I will help my truly friends. Not trying to make some
good job for people that lies about my work. They said I
last much time doing it. They do not know and do not want
to know about micro and time and dedication to make a draw
assisted by computer.
Well I could install a driver to older printer of Carol
mummy. I took it from my micro and put it in system dir.
And I set up the install to find driver there. And printer
worked. I received two good recognitions against one lie
in office. I am not an employee. I am a consultant for free
there. I am helping and they did not want to learn.
I believe they did not want to learn. Because they think if
the did not learn. They would not be without my help. They
think if I teach them they will need to work and they will
have not my free help. Well it will change.
Better day for my truly friends. They will receive my free
consulting and granted help.

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