2001-07-15 22:19:07 (UTC)


Sunday, February 20, 2000
Ooooohhh… it has been a couple of days, hasn’t it?
Well, I’ll tell you what’s been happening, nothing really
cool, just not the same ole shit. This is actually brand-
spankin-new shit. Almost fresh-born shit (you know the
kind that doesn’t really stink and it’s almost cute).
OK, when we last spoke, I was about to talk to Lindsey.
Well, it turns out she’s one of the coolest people, guy or
gal, I have ever met in my life. She is totally easy to
talk to (which is probably why she has so many friends.
Every time I talk to her she telling me about some other
friend of hers and their quirky lives. It’s like she’s got
a Couch Party Crew of her own, but gigantic) and totally
cool about everything I’ve spoken to her about.
She’s even cool with my hideously low self-esteem.
I’ve talked to her three times now, and the
shortest time has been 45 minutes, and that was when she
called me to tell me she couldn’t come to the party.
I don’t want to talk about her too much though.
For some reason when I write shit down it becomes true in
my head, so if I say I really like her it becomes true and
I can’t stop thinking about her.
So I won’t say that.
About the party last night though:
Here was supposed to be the guest list, starting
with my friends: Harris, Jill, Sharon Peters, Jaime,
Bulldog, maybe Joe and Tommy, maybe Oedipus and Dan. Then
there’s Ian’s friends: Gates, (called by his last name
because his first name is Tim and we don’t want to confuse
him with) Timmy, (cool) Russian, (dick) Dano, (Asian guy,
cool as all hell) Guy, (funniest MF in the world) a couple
of other Discords, (the acapela group he’s in) and a few of
their girlfriends. Then there’s Devin’s list: Creg,
(dick. I make fun of him till he throws a shit-fit) Chris,
(cool, up to a point) Abbey, Mandy, Brian, Mike, Pete,
Shafeke, Natalie (I’m getting tired of naming people so
I’ll just say) and about 10 others, plus 10-30 people of
the cast in which he is in.
Here’s who showed up: Russian, Gates, Timmy,
Bulldog, (who passed out around midnight) Guy, (who left
early) Shafeke, Mandy…. Eh screw it. The point is about
half the people who said they were gonna show up, showed up
(including Lindsey, but she didn’t come). We still drank
all the beer though.
Oh no. I should not have drank that much beer. I
drank eleven glasses (which are 14 oz. each, a little more
than a can of beer) and woke up this morning a little
buzzed. Seriously, I woke up and I was still a little
The whole thing was silly.
I wish I could talk to you more about it, but I
just don’t feel like it. I have some reading to do (even
though I know I won’t do it) and I have some shit to take
care of on the computer.
So if you don’t mind, go home and I’ll call you

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