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2002-08-22 04:45:20 (UTC)

a loss of a good friend

well today was a good day, somewhat, i have been chillin i
didn't have any problems @ all and everything went fine i
even meet a pritty kool person who i would love to get to
know more. but todays day changed forever today when i had
to say good bye to a good friend of mine. today online i
was chatting and she hit me up with a pm. i ansewred it and
she had something to tell me, she told me that her
boyfriend found out we have been talkin online alot and
that he had heard it was of a nature in which wasn't
appropiate....... stabed in the back my her brother whom i
don't know, she told me today we would not be able to talk
for a little while because her boyfriend was jelous..... i
totaly understand......and i don't blame her for anyreason
what so ever she is happy with her new boyfriend and i wish
her and him all the luck in the world.............well iono
i have all kinds of other stuff in my life but i didn't see
anything more to write about but incase my friend ever
reads this i just want to say something....... i wish
nothing but happyness for u dear friend and i wish we
didn't have to stop talkin to eachother but since we did
just remember if u ever need anything anything @ all i will
do my best to help u out ok well bye for now diary and hope
to talk to u soon

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