The SINS that I commit..
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2002-08-22 04:21:36 (UTC)

A night to remember..

I spent my night crying last night because I just lost it.
I got so tired or the way my marriage is like I had to do
something. So i wrote my husband a long letter letting out
all my true feelings. He's ignored me all day and didn't
speak to me unless he had to. We avoided touching eachother
until i finally made the first move and held him in bed. On
his way to work he came in and gave me a good-bye kiss,
which was surprising. He still hasn't answered me about
anything or talked to me about the letter. I hope it's soon
because I am not going to play this.
I started my own business for us dieters. it's a journal
to keep track of our progression.
I hope it kicks off well. I am excited about it, but you
never know. I want to turn a profit from this. Plus it
kills my time at nights when I'm awake all night.