True confessions of the curly headed gir
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2002-08-22 04:20:40 (UTC)

long time

It has been a very long time since I have written. I am
now 15 and school is starting again in two weeks. I was in
Indiana for most of the summer. Mostly because of all the
family I have there. You know, over the summer a lot has
changed, but a lot hasn't. I feel like I am more mature
and that wow, I'm going to be a Junior! But I still feel
like a lost little freshman. My exterior shows that I
don't care at all what people think of me, how I dress,
act, talk walk...well you get the picture. And, for the
most part that is still true. I just, well I just don't
know if being in a world where I am exposed to things at an
earlier age is the best thing for me. Having skipped a
grade, meaning I'm the youngest in my class, is making me
mature faster. It's good, I suppose.
Guys don't trouble me as much as they did. Shawn is no
longer the "love of my life". Dealing with Jeff and our
kissing one night stand was hard, but I got over it. Well
as over enough to go to a private concert where his band is
playing, but not in a groupie I love you way. Dated a guy
named Ben for like a week. What a total jerk he was.
Dumps me and a day later asks someone out. GRrrrrrrr!!! Oh
well his loss..I'll just keep telling myself that.
My sister is going off to college. I get to be the "only"
child. All focus and attention on me for the next two
years... ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! But I will miss her, who will I
talk to? I can't really seem to keep best friends, I grow
and change to much each year. But I do feel bad about it,
because my best friends are really good people. But, like
an old pair of jeans, I grow out of them.
I go to San Diego on monday up until wednesday with a girl
I've known since the 4th grade. NOTE: she is not my best
friend just someone I've know forever. But she is fun to
hang out with. Hopefully I'll find some cute surf/punk
rocker. Hey, a girl can dream.
Oddly enough, I'm still getting little mood swings of
depression. But I guess that's all they really are: mood
swings. All being apart of being a teenager. And what
does that mean anyway? being a teenager? I think the term
I would search for words more like Hormonally Inbalanced
For A Few Years.
Well, with life throwing me it's ups and downs, I seem to
not be throwing up on it's rollercoaster. Brownie points
for me!