OhBaby It Is Me

2002-08-22 03:53:35 (UTC)

Come on get me for this too

Here is the true honest to God deal. I like Jeremy, I
beyond Like Jeremy. I like Scot, I really like Scot. I
like Steve, I'm going out with Steve. Jeremy and I were
going out but there were a few problems there, 9 of them or
so, and we were in the process of picking up the pieces of
that and I was hanging out a lot with both Steve and Scot.
So one night at a party at my house I kissed Scot. Then
that night Steve asked me out. Then the next day I kissed
Scot again. Stephanie got into a fit and she told Scot
that I was going out with Steve but still kissing him and
he all about fliped