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2002-08-22 03:09:16 (UTC)

I get my baby!!!

Wahoo!M.J just called and said i could have the baby this
weekend..yay! I havent seen him in like a month..wow hes
going to be so big. I love him so much. Its so sad to see
how his mother treats him, shes 17, had the baby, almost
died after having him and had to have a hysterectomy but
yet she is the worst mother. I just dont understand if that
was me I would want to spend ever single waking minute with
my baby because I would never be able to watch my baby grow
up again..I guess she doesnt realize that. Sad. I just hope
that Trey doesnt get hurt from it. They already have him
eating baby food...Dude hes not old enough..hes only 4
months old..I dont understand why they want him to grow up
so fast. M.J is a good father considering the circumstances
but Ashley..she has everything shes daddys girl which is
another thing i cant understand because her father called
her baby a nigger just because his father is half black. No
one would EVER say that about my baby and get away with it.
I dont know what goes through parents heads. Like my
dad..he hates me. He will openly admit that. He is on drugs
mind you and has been my whole life..but still. Since i
moved hes only called me once..ive called him and he
apologizes and says he will call me in a few days..never
does. I shouldnt get my hopes up. He says that im a smart
ass and a bitch and that no one likes me and that hes
already told everyone that hes sick of me..I tried
explaining tohim that im not going to change just for him.
I have no respect for him. I mean as sad as that sounds how
can you have respect for someone who has never shown you
any? I dunno..maybe im wrong. Its just sad. Anyways enough
depressing stuff. Im very excited about getiin my baby and
goin to the show and all it should be lots o
fun...anyways..ill be back later most likely...*hugz*

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