Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-15 21:08:06 (UTC)

Sunday July 15,2001

*Time: 3:55pm
*Wearing: My Scott school shirt and my blue shorts
*Jewelry: all my usual
*Hair: down
*Listenin to : nothing
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing but my mommy is going to bring me
back sum Rally's... (sp)
*Song of the day : Someone To Hold-112
*Weather: It's sunny and cool out today :)
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: I'm happy and sorta shocked from what happended last
Thinking: Of all the people in this world that have my
number... the one boy I'm trying to get over... the one
that left me for sum other gurl... has to call me... yeah u
Guessed it Jack did...

~~~A surprise phone call~~~

Ok well it was like 2:10am and I was in my bedroom trying
to write Bobby a letter ... well I heard my uncle yell for
me... So I got up opened my door and yelled what ... and he
was like your mom said Jack is on the phone ... my first
reaction was ... no way ... it can't be ... that is
actually what I said... I could only imagine how my face
looked ... lol So I took the phone from my mom... and in
this omg it can't be voice... I said "Hello." I heard Jack's
voice say hi ... what's up?? I was like...nothing really just being
freaked out cuz U called me.. He was like why r u
freaked out... I was like ... cuz U called me ... lol and he
said... well we r still friends ain't we...so I said yeah
I guess ... but the question has to be ... do u still want
to be my friend ... and I think he said yeah he did... So I
asked him where he was calling me from ... and he said
Buffalo Grove. So I said... ohh where your new gurlfriend
lives? and he goes yeah ... she is sitting next to me right
now actually... as soon as he said that. I swear I was
fighting back tears ... but somehow I managed not to cry...
I also asked him why did he call me ... and he said I dunno
I just wanted to say hi to u and see how r u were I was
like aww still the same Jack... but now he isn't mine :(
Well I talked to him for maybe 10 minutes... and then he
asked me if I wanted to talk to Pat.. I said no at first
and he said u suck cuz u never want to talk to
anyone...lol I was like well I talked to Pat the other day
but I haven't talked to u... I ended up talking to Pat for
maybe 2 minutes and then he sorta hung up on me.... cuz I
guess they had another call and their cell phone clicked...
I dunno.... I hope that call meant that Jack misses
me... I know I miss him... After hearing his voice tell me that we
were still friends made me feel a lot better...I dunno if I can
handle being just his friend... but maybe I can its better then not
talking to him at all I suppose...
U know what's odd... I was thinking bout Jack yesterday at 6am cuz I
was listening to Jon B... it just so happens Jack sounds just like
him when he sings... and then Jack calls me the next day... It's
weird it seems if I sit and get into a deep thought of sumone....
they will either call me, get online, or come by my house a few days
after... I was telling my gram that... and I was like ummm... If I
sit and think bout Prince do u think he will call me? LOL hehe I'm
crazy I know... lol but anywho I'm happy that Jack called me ... but
I also feel depressed cuz he is no longer mine... I stayed up till
like 6am listening to love songs,reading, and also I wrote a story...
but no matter what I did I kept thinking bout Jack... ::sighs:: I
dunno maybe when he and his gurlfriend break up... me and him could
get back together I doubt it tho... but it just might
happen... :::crosses her fingers:::


Umm... I didn't really do anything today... all I did was sleep,
watch tv, listen to music, get online, and be bored.... so yeah what
a fun filled day for me huh... lol I guess I shall go now since I
dunno what else to write... so I'm outie(however u spell it) lol...
Peace and B Wild!!!