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2002-08-22 03:02:56 (UTC)

End of the Summer

Hey...yeh,uh, apparently some ppl read AN entry. I'm sure
that mistake won't happen again. UH my summer,
crazy man. 8 insane parties out in Brookville (compliments
of Debi) until Matt McCurro knocked down her door at that
last one...Fodi moved to Cali, Justin went out to visit
him, but will be back in time for the end of the summer
party at Debi's this Friday. I became pretty much best
friends with Jackie Boccicchio. My friend Danielle is goin
out with a 38 year old, got kicked out of her house and is
now living with him. My old old friend Sean Santo is back
after 2 years. School's almost starting again. I got my
schedule. I got a summer job watchin my cousin. My mom
believes that I have saved all the money from this job,
totaling $1100. In truth I hve $230. When she wants to put
this money in the bank, this will present a large problem
because I have no excuse for where this money has gone. I
have spent it on drugs and cigarettes...Yeh, not good. I've
cheated on my boyfriend with 3 diff. guys...a total of 6
times maybe? Had 1 preg. scare (not with my boyfriend). A
few guys I know got their licenses. Lindsay Kadir got out
of rehab, the infamous Jay and Jodi broke up, Vinnie
Anapete is in a 12-step program, Justin Nelson is a
methadone addict, Teresa fucked Matt McCurro in the
Waretown lake. We all spent the night on matt's porch
(jackie walked in) and we spent the night in Charlie
Stefan's apartment. We had a few nights with no where to
sleep. I got kicked out of my house mad times. Went to a
couple concerts, got the shit kicked out of me in the mosh
pits, made mental notes that are long forgotten. Met up
with ppl I hadn't seen in mad long such as Dave from Mystic
who is now living with Toni Russo. I fucked my ex-boyfriend
in the woods of Waretown and Jackand Brent got a picture of
it. Just today on the bus home from the mall I gauged my
own ears...My hair is faded blue and hopefully will be
fully green by the start of school. My birthday is in under
a month and I don't know what to get. I met mad new ppl and
hopefully I remember more about this summer than I am now...

Power is the heroin of the small-minded man
And force, force is the needle - the gun in his hand. He
lusts to control all the people and the land. Complete,
total destruction - his ultimate end.

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