Nephanie's Life
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2002-08-22 02:39:26 (UTC)

Dun dun dun


That is so inmature to get off the computer when we were
talking, ok, you know what, I don't talk behind your back.
Right now I am not, here is what I think, I don't like you
AT ALL, and I think you are a bitch. I don't mind if Olivia
hangs with you.... she can have other friends besides
me.... but I don't expect her to hang with me 24/7, but I
want to hang with her too, just as you know that....don't
talk to me at all anymore.....b/c I don't like you one bit.
And you better not say to anyone that I don't want Olivia
hanging with anyone else, b/c I know she can hang with
other people if she wants, and I respect that.... so don't
twist my words around...