the daily life of a dork
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2002-08-22 01:34:20 (UTC)

bleh! i don't feel good

ick i don't feel good!! i couldn't even eat dinner cuz my
stomach feels all sick. must b cuz its that time of month
again ugh!!! mayn sometimes it sux to b a girl. school
must have drained me out cuz i fell asleep once i got
home. i woke up thinking it was the next day already
ahhhh!!! late for school!! well maybe not cuz it was
actually 5 in the afternoon. maybe i was disoriented or
something cuz when i got up it took me a second to realize
i was at home and what was going on. i think for a second
maybe i even forgot who i was..weird. all i know is that
hearing my sister wake me up is friggin scarree. prollie
other stuff is making mai head all weird. fluffy is dying i
think and i feel hella sad. if fluffy dies then it would b
like if one of my friends died. i know im prollie dumb to
care so much about a fish, but when i was alone that crappy
summer and there was nobody left to talk to fluffy was
there. like all crazy people i talk to my goldfish and
tell him stuff about what goes on in my crazy head. iono
something yuri said to me kinda got me thinking. she was
asking where are ray and me at now. the truth is i dont
really know. i don't even know if he likes me like that
nemore for all i know i'm juss a friend. if people ask
should i say i have a boyfriend? ima kinda a dumbass at
this kinda stuff and i'm not good with official stuff, but
iono yuri tells me this stuff and sometimes i guess it
feels like i doubt myself and i get all confused. should i
even try at all cuz the other girl hurt him would i just
end up doing the same? why is it that things that should b
simple seem complicated? or do i just think too much? i
guess all i can do really is wait and see.