Lil Bean

2001-07-15 19:18:28 (UTC)

My First Entry ,July15 2001

Hey Diary, It's me Lil Bean. Well Last night i went to this
party with Eric's friends cuz both my parents were gone.
Mom was at work and my dad was out ridin with the Highway
Patrol. Well i had fun over there and this one kid that
kept humpin the table guy, haha way to go Grant! Poe and
Craig u guys looked good in the ninja outfits haha! Well we
were at Lunn's house but Bean eventually came over but it
was great.Well my aunts wedding is coming up soon i have my
dress but i gotta get my shoes, i told her a shitload of
songs to play and me and cami are gunna have fun w/those.
My dad is an asshole so most of my topics will prolly be
about him and all the gay ass shit he comes up with for
punishments.Hey Cam, im so glad we got to be really good
friends this year,we've been friends since we were 3, but
this is the first year we've clicked together and i don't
know what i'd do w/out u, but ur always there for me when i
need u so i just want everyone to know, and to tell u how
much i appreciate it and all of ur help when im sad or
down. So Thanks!! ~I got your back You got mine, I'll help
you out Anytime. To see you hurt To see you cry, Makes me
weep And wanna die. And if you agree To never fight, It
wouldn't matter Who's wrong or right. If a broken heart
Needs a mend, I'll be right there To the end. If your
cheeks are wet From drops of tears, Don't you worry, Let go
of your fears. Hand in hand Love is sent, We'll be friends
Till the end~ Our Poem!!..ya know, yea well it's
really sweet and so very true, so i wanna say thanks for
that too!! Well im out. Write more later...bye