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2002-08-22 00:38:51 (UTC)


So college started again for the fall. So far, it's been
loads of work, and I'm only a week into it. But i'm having
fun ! i love the college life ! i think i could live like this
forever !
Haven't bothered with Justin, although i think about him
a lot.
Back together with Sam. :D Very happy about that ! - I
think we will be together for a while, as long as i stay
away from Justin.
Even though Justin is gay, something happened the
day we met, I'm not sure what- I guess i felt real sparks!
i fell in love in about 2 seconds. I was sure he felt
something too ! obviously i was wrong if he is gay !
How come they never make movies about people
falling in love with gay guys ! I wish someone could tell
me how i am supposed to feel.
I don't feel right. It's like he's lying to me. (most likely,
thats just me hoping). But on the other hand, if he
would tell such a huge fib to me, why would i want a
relationship with him ? I wouldn't.
If Sam knew i was talking about justin like this, he
would probably get on a plane and beat the crap out of
justin. o-well....
I love being at college. I like one of my jobs. I like where
i live, and i'm happy with where my life is going.
So all in all, time is the only solution to the justin
problem, and when i'm over that I'm have my life
completely in order.
live and love and learn.... right ?

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