lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-08-22 00:29:32 (UTC)

tia's dead

today for some reason i started thinking about
jonathan...hmm. yeah well i was just thinking about
sunday night & it made me really mad. i mean, i know
luisa flirts a lot. a lot. i should be used to it by now
right? i guess not.

sunday, i talked to jonathan a few times & he held out
his hands and offered to catch my pee (haha)...he was
really sweet and he told me he had a crush on me
(joking, but who cares?). and then at the very end of on
the water, i was talking to him and he said, "i'm really
glad i came so i could meet you." and i was like wow
what a nice kid! and i told him he should come next
week and he said, "really?" and i said, "yeah really!"
and he said, "okay, then i'll definitely be there. see you
next week!" and as we were walking to the cars, luisa
jumps in and starts going, "you look really familiar. do i
know you from somewhere?" NOOOOOOO you don't!!!
haha that's what i wanted to say. no. i'm just frustrated
because ever since 8th grade, every guy i've liked,
she's flirted with. rar.

but this is cool, too...i'm back to junior high lindsay...a
new crush every week. gag. i hate it.