No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-08-22 00:27:50 (UTC)

confused again

hey! I am really confused again. I'm sure you're all going
to be like "great she's always confused...she must be
blonde" I swear I'm not blonde...I have naturally almost
black hair. Back to my confusion. Ok, this is the typical
does he like me or does he not thing.
First, I'll explain. At first I hated this person, I mean
really hated him. I knew he liked me and thought I was hott
but I didn't care. I didn't wanna get to know him and
didn't want to give him a chance. Then, I gave him the
benefit of the doubt and fell for him. Some stuff happened
with this chick he was talking to. This guy and I hang all
over eachother and stuff. Well, him and this girl he was
talking to fixed things. They are "cool"...ok guys...this
is were I NEED your help a lot. By being cool does he mean
they are talking again or what? Please, if you have any
idea tell me. To make this short story shorter, I am going
to ask him what's going on. I really like him and I am so
happy when were I need to know. *crosses
fingers* I think he likes me. He's really nice, told me he
would never do anything with anyone else and that he wasn't
gunna give me up on me...but that was before he fixed
things with that chic. I dont know...I think he likes
me...I'm gunna ask. I love how typing fixes some things.

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