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2002-08-21 23:32:12 (UTC)

Crazy but yet lonley week....

Well so far today is very quiet..boring, compared to the
rest of my week anyways. I now go to school on Mondays from
1-3..and Fridays from 1-2.Las week I got to hang out with
some cool people which was fun. Joeys band came over on the
monday two weeks ago and played..brought along some
friends..cool guys. So I met...Mike, David, Joseph, Jason,
Codi, Stephen, Joel, Stephanie, Ashley, I know theres
others but im not good with names. They actually have a
really good band..well mike and joseph,david,jason and joey
are th band members.. Good band..Shattered Screams.
Anyways..then Joey, Caroline and Josh spent the
night..surprisngly enough we all came out of that one
alive. Joey had some new items in his pants..but he was
alive none the less. I dont even know why Josh wanted to
come over..hes so frickin "anti-social" I swear him and
Mike V. are identical except ones mexican. So yea Caroline
spent all that week with me which was cool..we didnt fight
just argued a bit..Sunday night Joey spent the night...Band
practice on Monday where i was sposed to hang out with Mike
but that fell through...he made plans with Ashley who
randomly showed up at my house...tomorrow is another band
practice for them..hopefully Caroline can get out here.
School on Friday..icky. Today I havent really done
much..well I did some reading, took a shower, Cleaned out
the garage for the party, sent out some more
invitations..well I more or less filled them out because my
damn mail man comes at 9 in the morning! Stupidest thing.
Me and Olivia started talking again yesterday..thats
good..I missed her..Shes my ex-wife. Dont know exactly what
to do about this whole Josh mess..I love him but he can be
a real dickhead. Plus he only really hangs out with me or
calls when his precious little girlfriend cant hang
out.Stupid very pointless relationship right there...Shes a
good little straight edge christian girl and hes a anti-gov
anti-god kinda guy...all he likes is sex and music..he
likes NIN she likes Christian hardcore..In all actuality I think that
i feel sorry for Krista..I mean she knows Josh but not like me and
Livia do...I dont know i just think she will end up hurt and i feel
sorry for her. I dont knew her mind you but i care surprisngly
enough. I thought at first that I didnt like her but then I realized
that it wasnt fair of me. I dont know her.I guess it was just my
jealousy talking, though i am not jealous now. I dont need josh
anymore i thought i did but i dont. I just hope Krista doesnt get
hurt like i did....i just dont get it. maybe im not sposed to. I
think thats why i met the band..some new change of scene ya know. get
away from him for awhile. As much as I love him..I know that he pulls
down. Hes so anti-world...all we ever do is sit in my
room..so boring. Its like in a way he tries to control
me..and like make me just his or something. I dont
understand. But anyways ive got new friends and old ones
are back so i dont care. Its time to take a break. Well
anyways I think ive said enough...Hopefully Mike will be
talkative tonite or things go good tomorrow...Ill probably
be back later Who knowz....*hugz'n'Kissies*

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