A Princess
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2001-07-15 18:22:29 (UTC)


YO! Sup my peeps, went shopping, got some panel voiles, ummm
some pillows...think thats it, they didnt have my wallpaper
but I chose my carpet,muhahahaha Im getting my full length
mirror probs next weekend, emma went to the music festival
without me :( lol, didnt wanna go anyway to be honest...
Finished my poetry essay and made my vocabulary "firm 'A'
grade"..Kelly's seeing robbie williams and she thinks thats
good,hehe...Im asking for yet another bio extension
2moro,lol I just cant do it and my tutor left me for another
woman. Im actually coping really really well with this whole
departure thing, Im on the internet less and I dont depend
on anything now,hehe. DID YOU KNOW! That if u use a hula
hoop everyday for a month u will lose 2inches on ur belly,
wha hey my stomachs gonna be flat...muhahahaha, not like im
buying a hula hoop or anything...*cough* OOO grr still
havent got my shoes, blah blah blah she threw the catalogue
out :( I wanted britney sketchers but my mum was like ewwwww
dont like them, well she doesnt have to wear it,lol ooo and
apparently I show a lot of belly thats jealousy for ya!! ;)
Well Im getting a lil bored no americans around :( Okay letz
get this straight survivor is better than bigbrother well
this one, itz soooo boring plezzz disagree? I dont wanna
know ya loser, well im outtie,
Love alwayz see ya 2moro