Tay's thoughts
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2002-08-21 22:38:06 (UTC)


Today was so weird. First during marching this morning,
some freshman supposedly gots the hots for me lol! and hes
like..heya cuttie ;) an im like sittin there..*ew*. I got
bossed around by people who were about two feet shorter
than me as usual. Today my patience with people was like
not there lol. And even stephany and lindsey were laughing
at my occasional rude outbursts. In world history we had an
exchange student named rashama..from egypt! And like mr.
morrow put him in our group and we couldnt understand
anything he was saying and he kept laughing at the most un
funniest things. I blew my nose- he laughed. I sneezed or
hic-uped- he laughed. I said hey you're doing it wrong- he
laughed. And he kinda talks like that guy on king of the
hill ..the one that never finishes his sentences right. ok
whatever..second period was okiz. MR DIGBY IS A HOMO! lunch
was weird...i keep gettin weird stares..i dunno but
evertime i get that i think i got like a ghetto booty or
sumthin cuz its not girls that stare weird its all those
weird guys. Makes me feel like something is weird on me or
something. In englsih i basically juss slept. Spanish was
kinda funny cuz i delivered a note for mrs. hirsch not
knowing where the class room was ..so i first walk into the
janitor room and they were all eating mexican food and
listening to that accordian mexican music. I was like LO
SIENTO LO SIENTO! and i shut the door real fast. I went
through two more classrooms till i found the right one...im
so retarded! i cant wait till thursday ..i aint got no H.W.
and i gots the house to myself till late.