Shared Guy Rants
2001-07-15 17:41:08 (UTC)

PLayer girls RULE!!!!!!!!

Or do they?
Hmm.....tough question?.......well i'm enjoying
playing's quite fun. Yesterday, i went on a semi-
date with this guy for the first time. He payed for
everything, and bought me a thong.MOihaha......we saw a
movie, got some food, and went out for some coffee at
Starbucks. He was awesome.
Today, i fear it will be a bit tougher. You see, i am
meeting a guy for a 12:15 showing of Legally blonde at a
Pacific theatres, and then after that, i'm meeting ANOTHER
DIFFERENT GUY for Fast and Furious at the SAME THEATRE.
THis should be interesting. So risky.....oh
well.......isn't life fun....MOIAHHA...oh well. I'm
enjoying it. It's quite sad, i just broke up w/ my
boyfriend like waht 3 or 2 days ago??...and i have gone out
on dates w/ 3 different guys.......moihaha........

i'll tell you how it later