My Life
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2001-07-15 16:53:38 (UTC)

Nothing that important.

Oh man..this is going to be a shitty day. Lately my mom
has been having back problems, and yesterday day they
started to get worse for her like excrutiating pain. This
morning my dad came in and told me that last night him and
my mom had to go to the emergency room because she was in
so much pain. All they did was poke around where she said
it hurt and gave her a bunch of pain pills and muscle
relaxers. My dad also told me that I would have to start
taking care of her, well for today anyway. She can't sit
up, eat, drink, she can't even move. I almost started to
cry because she is in so much pain. I guess her pills make
her weird or something because she won't even look at me
and really doesn't acknowledge I'm there. I hope she gets
better because if she doesn't I am always going to be a

Besides that, I think I am starting Wal-Mart Tuesday (It's
Sunday) I am very nervous. Their is so much stuff to
being a cashier and I will have to deal with people non
stop and I know some people won't be so kind to me. This
pizza place I put an application into called too, but I was
gone. I would rather work at the pizza place than at Wal-
Mart. My rents told me just to wait it out and put in a
good effort at Wal-Mart, so I am!

Oh yeah..I watched the Exorcist last night and it's not as
scary as everyone says it is, it's just gross! (Had to add
that in there)

Well, that's all, I'll write soon!