2001-07-15 15:44:23 (UTC)

im getting really irritated.....

im getting really irritated... im like all around mad
stressed and stuf... like. everythings so crazy and i know
i was expecting it but im going crazy. they're making a
mess everywhere and harrassing my cat and madi wants
everything and i would THINK that my aunt would tell her
not to ask or to take everything but NO. because thats how
she raised her i guess. i love my little cousins and im
glad to see them but this is bullshit. and moms like soo
stressed. and im just now starting to feel better, the other night i
was so sick.. like i was puking all night even though there
was nothing to puke cus i hadnt eaten and it was so bad i felt like i
was dying and then my mom started bitching about me being on
DRUGS it was so retarded like i couldnt even believe it she was being
SUCH a bitch, and i was puking and so sick and shes YELLING at
me.... i know shes really tired and under stress but im
TRYING to help her and shes fucking doing everything for all these
assholes my aunt and my dad and then i get sick and she busts out
with me doing drugs with caroline. what the fuck man. anyway... i
am so exhausted. im like majorly depressed. everythings such a
mess. i feel like im dreaming. people are such bullshit.
everything and everybody is retarded. and i hate being 17. i hate
waiting for everything. im so lonely and tired and sad.